Mens Bikini Briefs

Filling the gap between the classic brief and the male thong, the bikini brief was designed to compliment the traditional mens briefs underwear, originally developed in the 1930’s. By offering less fabric bulk than that of the classic brief, the bikini brief offers the feeling of ‘barely there’, and is the ideal choice for the savvy dresser.

Traditional mens briefs underwear is only available in cotton and cotton blends, whereas the alluring bikini brief is available in a wide variety of alluring fabrics, such as Silk, Nylon, Mesh and Cotton blends. The majority are only available in solid colors but most offer decorative waistbands to spruce up the style.

Most bikini briefs are devoid of a fly, or offer only a faux fly, though it is estimated that 80% of men do not use this feature anyway, so the missing feature does not present a problem. The sleekness of the design provides a snug, secure fit, with excellent support and lift, much better than that of the traditional mens briefs. Most also offer a high cut leg opening, which provides greater range of motion which is ideal for the athletic and sports minded male.

The packaging of bikini briefs is often similar to women’s underwear, which is reported to detour some men from purchasing or noticing bikini briefs, but once a traditional brief wearer has tried the bikini brief this is easily overcome.

Without the bikini brief the other options for similar underwear were simply the classic or traditional mens briefs or the thong, which does not offer the full coverage or supporting pouch that the bikini brief offers.

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